• Date : 1994
  • medium : Mixed media, bed, light bulbs and bread
“Bifurcations” group exposition shown at St. Andre Art Centre, Meymac in 1998. I wanted a dreamlike space, like a bad daydream...There are lightbulbs on the ground, a dormitory bed, and homemade bread I made for this work...the clothes are hung on the wall like a souvenir of my presence...I remember that Claude Leveque told me it reminded him of himself a little too much...afterwards, I agreed. 
1998 > Bifurcations, Abbaye Saint-André  Abby , Contempory art centre, Meymac.
Février 1998.  Musée des beaux-arts, Dôle. Curator : Sonia Criton, Estelle Pagès..