Bricoler l’incurable / Les meurtrières

  • Date : 1993
  • medium : wooden construction, goatskin, light bulbs, Black and White photographs, wooden frames
Shown in: Le milieu du monde(The middle of the world) ,  Languedoc Roussillon Crac, Sète part of a global installation...
The cube as an open mausoleum ... The goatskin were brought from Morocco and filled with sand from the beach in Sète ... this work, centered in a bigger installation  project, represents immigrants crossing from Africa to Europe. Their bodies on display for the world. Poor animals full of hope and sand. 
I photographed my friend’s faces. They are witnesses to this celebration of macabre. Frozen in time by the photographic processes. Their gaze,  their skin, the manner in which the world looks at them represents  people living together somewhere. 
1993 > Le Milieu du Monde, Sète, Centre Régional d’Art Contemporain. June 1993 Curators:  B.Marcadé & Noelle Tissier